October 21, 2019
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Bets on E-sports appeared relatively recently. With the development of computer games, interest in them has increased markedly, which led to the formation of a huge audience. This business has become highly profitable: both for gamers and for tournament organizers. Demand gradually increased and reached a point when legal bookmakers began to receive bids on eSports disciplines.

Due to the specificity of each game, unique types of bets are possible, peculiar exclusively to this discipline. You should be interested in this sport. Any selected bet must be preceded by a deep and thorough analysis of the upcoming bout. If you simply focus on the coefficients of the coefficients, then you are doomed to failure. There is a certain rating of all teams participating in the competition, which will help determine the balance of power among the participants in the fight. In this ranking, you can see all the titles of the team, the current position, growth or decline in recent years. Any sport includes a regular change of composition. Cybersport was no exception. It also includes successful players moving to stronger teams, others leave the line-up due to low qualifications and so on. New players can make their changes to the game, which is also definitely worth considering when choosing a bet. An important indicator in the analysis of the composition of the team is the age of its players. Statistics show that players over 30 years old are less productive in fights than their younger opponents. It’s all about the reaction of the athlete, which plays an important role in many meetings.

Hearthstone betting: Heroes of Warcraft

The game stands out against the background of the previous ones, which is single and not command. In terms of its nature, it resembles poker. The special types of bets include bets on the first damage, which first uses the legendary card, which will cause the greatest damage with one card and others. For Hearthstone bets to succeed, you need to disassemble each gamer in detail. The analysis resembles single tennis meetings. It is necessary to find out the strengths and weaknesses, to know the individual characteristics of opponents. It is extremely important to have information about the game in order to make informed transactions.

StarCraft2 bets

The essence of the game is to build a base near the minerals, for the extraction of which a gamer can form an army and improve the base. The task of StarCraft is to destroy the army and buildings of the opponent. The unique bets include bets on who will attack first, who will first build this or that building and other similar bets. When placing bets on this discipline, keep in mind that it is single – the result depends on one person. When studying statistics, pay special attention to stability – this is a key parameter on which to rely when choosing a winner. Existing ratings of players use as an auxiliary tool – do not follow them blindly.

Cybersport includes certain nuances, however, it is possible to apply all the same rate and strategy schemes for it as for other sports. Daily in the line of bookmakers there are a large number of fights on eSports, which is very convenient for the player. With the broadcast of tournaments also there are no problems, many sites offer viewing of various fights on eSports. Not so long ago this type of competition was called the sport of the future, but today we can safely say that it is already a sport of our time. Every day its popularity is growing at a tremendous pace, as well as the number of bets on it. It is best to take one game discipline for the game and study it well. In this case, you will be able to interrupt the margin of the bookmakers and incline the odds to your side.