October 21, 2019
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We are accustomed to sports. Football, hockey, even curling – broadcasts of these and other championships and seasonal games invariably chain themselves to huge armies of fans. Everyone at times likes to watch some football final with a spirited game of athletes. However, in the 21st century, the notion of “E-sports”, a seemingly stupid and “childish” idea, firmly entered into our world. Well, judge for yourself: some persons shoot at tanks or chase DotA is a sport? Nevertheless, such events attract millions of fans and are broadcast almost through federal channels. In this world there are heroes, commentators, international tournaments and, of course, money. E-sports is a type of competition and preparation for competitions using computer technology, where the game provides an environment that creates equal conditions for a player to compete with or between e-sports teams. Not all games can be a platform for professional e-sports. For example, games where the factor of chance prevails over the element of skill and skill are not suitable for competitive mode.

Since E-sports are equivalent to one of the sports – the question arose: who are professional E-sports athletes?

A professional E-sportsman is a person who plays one of the E-sports disciplines in tournaments and competitions. Players earn by successfully playing in tournaments. In addition, players playing for a particular organization receive a salary, the amount of which directly depends on the experience and skills of the player. And such a concept as the age of a cyber sportsman has a classic sporting meaning, because with increasing age, for example, the reaction rate increases. Even an 18-year-old player can earn $ 1 million per year.

In the world there are several large associations and federations of E-sports. If associations are called upon to improve and protect E-sports from the position of players, trying to raise salaries, establish some guarantees, the federations, on the contrary, are interested in the interests of spectators and the competitive part. It is the latter that establish the rules and entertainment of the match.

But with the growth of E-sports in the domestic market, there is no order in relation to transfers, payments of earned money and the salary of athletes. As soon as the prize funds of eSports tournaments began to reach decent amounts, the public drew attention to this type of human activity! This affected the overall order within the entire industry. Do eSports – tens and hundreds of options for their own modification. If in classical sports for a long time nothing changes – then in eSports new disciplines appear, completely new formats (like Hearthstone), already existing games are constantly being transformed thanks to patches. And the stars of the cybersport world are much more mundane people than many singers, actors, and the same players. It’s nice when your idol is a person with whom you can always communicate with each other even through chat in stream. You can continue for a long time, but everyone loves e-sports in his own way.

Cybersport associations

In 2007, Mousesports, Fnatic and SK gaming formed the G7 league, an association of the largest cyber sports organizations. The motivation for this was the organization of transfers, cooperation with leagues and tournaments, and maintaining the rating of teams in various disciplines. During its existence, the association boycotted (G7 members did not compete in competitions) CPL Winter 2007 and ESWC 2010 for failure to pay for previous tournament seasons. The organization was abolished in 2010. The International Computer Sports Federation was established in November 2008. Computer sports organizations of the following countries became its founders: South Korea, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Vietnam. The following 2009, the IeSF held the first competition that was accepted by delegations formed by the national federations: the IeSF Challenge. The United States has overtaken the country in terms of e-sports development. In 2013, the League of Legends E-sports discipline in the States was recognized as a real sport, and its participants as real athletes. This makes it easier for players from other countries to enter the US through a simplified system for obtaining a sports visa.

To become a professional cybersportsman, you need to become the best at the amateur level. The main thing here is the reaction time, which is measured on a special device. For a professional cybersportsman, this is 0.13-0.15 seconds. To achieve these indicators, you need to play at least 8-10 hours a day. In addition, you need to love what you play, otherwise it will not work.